Alma Alloro

I am an artist and a designer. I live mostly in Berlin and sometimes in Tel Aviv, where I am from originally. I graduated from Bauhaus University Weimar in 2011 in the MFA program "Public Art and New Artistic Strategies". I'm currently developing a concept for an art exhibition together with artist Claudia Hart (Chicago) for the centurial of the Bauhaus school in 2019. Our project has exactly Digital Bauhaus as the main topic. Attending the summit in Weimar for me just "meant to be".

How to be modern today?

Modern is a fluidic term often associated with progress, and sometimes with a certain aesthetic - either way, it has a nostalgic flair to it. In light of recent political events, however, it looks like the word is going century backward and that modern ideas are becoming relevant more than ever. To be modern today is to consistently re-imagine the future even when it looks unreachable. It is to use new technological invention to make the world not only faster but also a kinder place to live.

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