Beate Hechler

I'm a tech-savvy person working in online technologies since almost 12 years. I have a strong intercultural background with long-term stays in multiple countries like Bulgaria, Russia, Austria and Netherlands. These days I live in Berlin deeply enjoying the diversity in cultural life and the variety of people from all over the world not only through my job as an project manager for an IT start-up company in the field of Big Data. I'm a very technical, abstract thinker but on the other end never lost my very curious, creative and social personality. This is my strength and what makes me such a good project manager in a team of more than 12 different nationalities.

How to be modern today?

Modern today for me means being flexible in terms of taking new opportunities coming along the way and cant be planned ahead like it used to be in the past. Taking chances like travelling with the help of your job, visiting people you met recently in their home countries and participating in new organization which help you to enhance and expand your view on the world to become even more a truly open minded person which will help you to adjust easier to all new developments in the digital age.

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