David Dobrin

I help people cope with technologies, which means not just systems of boxes and screens, but the technologies of the will, the systems whereby power is distributed and modulated, organized and amplified, at least for some, and suffered, deflected, tolerated (or not), and surrendered to, at least for others, though in many cases, they are the same people. (Sorry if that's to opaque. I consult with large corporations about technology strategy, often buyers, but equally often, and very oddly, the makers of technology.)

How to be modern today?

The essential fact about the modern is that you are "thrown" (Heidegger's term) into it. To be modern, then, you have to catch yourself, as if in mid-air, breathe and look around, be still, even as everything around you moves. Inward, authentic, outward, seizing the truth: really not much different from the times when no one was modern, though of course nostalgia itself is one of the traps of modernity.

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