Denise Klink

I'm a political scientist, trained in Berlin and Brussels. I love art and design. And the intellectual habitus. I am a 280° person, so no maths and IT, but all the other stuff. I have worked in corporate communications all my adult life. So my heart aches for authenticity, complexity and mixed messaging. I love taking pictures according to the instagram manual and you can follow me @denise_dakar.

How to be modern today?

In linguistical terms the word modern is very unmodern in itself. Today nobody talks about being "modern" anymore. We speak of it only in historical terms. So the question is what has replaced the modern today. 
If we look at the behavioral definition a modern person is "a person who advocates or practises a departure from traditional styles or values". I see society and politics displaying an even antagonistic attitude to this. The return to old values, old schemes of politics, protectionism.

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