Francis Kamprath

I am currently completing my studies in Media Arts in Weimar. My work oscillates between on- and offline / public and private spheres. Rather than looking at one or the other, it is exactly the "in-between" where my focus lies. The dynamics, feedbacks and reverberations "modern media" may trigger. Originally coming from screenbased work within the last years it has constantly evolved to become more spatial, participartory, performance or intervention based and usually incorporates current discourses.

How to be modern today?

According to Bruno Latour we have never been modern. Therefore we should not strive to be so anymore. The concept of modern, modernism, modernity is overcome in many senses. Being modern underlies the logic of constant reinvention and also constant growth. This is an illusion and fuels the division between the natural and the social. In consequence "being modern" can only be achieved if we stop trying. An acceptance of all being one.

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