Johannes Wilke

Visual designer and co-publisher/editor of the journal series Documnt ( Our upcoming issue will deal with the archive/s: seeing the archive as a container and organizing principle of our past/s, temporal questions about modernism (with its rejection of the past towards the future) and postmodernism (reviving pasts) pop up. Quite looking forward for the summit to gain new perspectives on both.

How to be modern today?

According to Berthold Brecht being modern is about effacing the traces – I would add that it is also about facing the traces. It's often necessary (and nowadays sometimes neglected) to "clear the table", to have the courage to start something new; at the same time we can hardly go back to the utopian visions of mid-20-century modernism. So choosing which traces are being continued and which effaced becomes the crucial decision of todays modernism.

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