Niklas Egberts

After having completed his B.A. in Culture, Communication and Management at Zeppelin Universität in Friedrichshafen, Niklas Egberts is currently enrolled in the master’s program of Cultural Studies at the Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin. His research interest focuses on contemporary technologies of the self and the connection between biopolitics, digitalization and management. He has presented his thesis on the practices of the "Quantified Self"-movement at multiple conferences and is currently investigating the field of "soft technologies" within a research project at the Institut für Kulturwissenschaft in Berlin.

How to be modern today?

Following the impulse of reconfiguring concepts that no longer work, being modern today implies constantly being aware of the fact that observation impacts it’s object and realizing that there is no point of view which oversees everything. We constantly move within networks that enable and restrict us at the same time. This calls for a paradigm change: Instead of rigorous planning, hygiene and revolution, the necessary tools are middle-range solutions, ecological thinking and path dependency.

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