Nina Duda

I‘m a hands-on organizer and all-round pro at getting things done, always on a lookout for innovative projects and events. I very much enjoy building connections between people - and summits are the perfect place. Exploring the world of event experience design I regularly support Claudia Brückner with different projects. I work with Dark Horse and help them to establish a new way of work experience at their office in Berlin.

How to be modern today?

being modern is being analogue but still digitally sharing every moment of our lives. 
being modern is being individual but still all looking the same. 
being modern is crafting things by hand but still just copying. 
being modern is inclusive but still living with many inequalities. 
being modern is eating healthy but still buying products from overseas but bio of course. 

we are all trying hard to be modern. but there is little direction. this is today's "modern".

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