Olga von Schubert

I studied Comparative Literature and Art History and work at the Haus der Kulturen der Welt in Berlin as a researcher and coordinator, developing concepts for the longterm programs of HKW together with Bernd Scherer and his team. Together with Stefan Aue I am responsible for the lecture series 'Dictionary of Now' and together with Martin Hager I edit the 'Bibliothek 100 Jahre Gegenwart' published by Matthes&Seitz. As an independent curator I realized the exhibition 'Die Irregulären' at NGBK in 2013, edited the 'Glossar inflationärer Begriffe' and recently curated an exhibition on TIME at the VKZ in Zurich.

How to be modern today?

If it is true that to be modern meant to separate science from society and nature from culture, as Latour claimed famously in 1991, to be modern today should probably mean to find ways across these divisions and to acknowledge that we have never been modern. To focus on global modernisms outside the former West can help to show that modernity has been and continues to be interaction and encounter rather than discovery and innovation. In that sense to be modern today could mean to collaborate!

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