Philipp Dennert

I am a Weimarian media-culturalist dated to 2006 - then following the scent of capital to Munich to first try out how to promote video games, then creating strategies for brands in Amman, Jordan and now hoping to make an impact on society by design user interaction for big corporations. While the promise of the capital has proven rather tedious, I try to focus on some cultural nit-picking in Munich's world of conformity.

How to be modern today?

Modern means conformity today. Aim to be a bit ahead of the wave, yet not in the spot were it may collapse and pull you down. True resistance or contrasts feel outdated in a world of constant flowing, of gravity but no concrete center - or even a pulsing heart. To be modern means to leverage the networks and associations and pursue a personal growth - a growth that might be determined before you start. My choice is to not be modern. Be playful instead.

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