Renee Carmichael

I'm an artist, coder, designer, researcher and writer and my work often explores technology and the relationship between structure (code), design and content. I am the founder of the project Flee Immediately!, which is a platform to explore art and technology, encouraging people to think differently about the technology they use everyday through creative ways. The last issue was based on the theme of dance and code. I have also created works related to carrots and social media, The Dance Epidemic of 1518 and cybernetics, Obessesive Compulsive Disorder and technology, IBM anthems and code, to a name a few. I am currently researching the relationship between movement and conversation online and how adding more movement to design can help us to read and think critically again. I have worked as researcher in the hybrid publishing lab at Leuphana Universität and I'm currently working freelance on various design, research and writing projects.

How to be modern today?

Step 1: realise that technology is not new but part of existing systems. Step 2: find your way to to take control and get to that in-between space of coded worlds and social norms. My way is through movement. If movement is so important to conversation, how can we incorporate movement online to learn to read and think critically again?  Why is this important? One word: uselessness. Amongst my peers, we want to act, but we are caught in a system that is already filtered for us. Fight from within.

Activity: Breathing In The Time Of Social Media

Track: Modern Talking
Date: Day 1 – ongoing
Location: Neufert-Mansion, Gelmeroda

“The conditioning becomes our shared nervous system. In between systole and diastole, in arrhythmia, we discover the permeability in neoliberalism’s permeation of subjectivity. There and then, between beatings, we breath and take a break, we find vacuoles and gaps, we cut grooves where we run, dance, write, study, make love, live, and permeate back to infiltrate and undo the conditioning. ” (Lepecki, Singularities)  
We need to breath to move and we need to move to process thoughts, converse and establish our political power. And yet, we spend all day coding, chatting and scrolling online where we hardly move. Can we use movement to create processes that allow us to think critically again? Can we move to distinguish our identities and see the power flowing through them? Can we not just perform, but dance – inhaling freely, scroll? We may not always be able to move, but in the end, we can always breath – it’s the best power tool we have left.

Here, sitting in the grass, you can take a breathing space from the conference--and still take care of your social media needs. I will provide instructions for a series of different breathing exercises that can be done with and without technology, alone or collectively. You will be free to use them how you wish. This is not so much about the spiritual, but about taking the time to take back control of our bodies and our movements--a retraining of sorts. Happy breathing!

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