Sophia Walk

I am Sophia, architect, some call me Slowfia. I am teaching and researching at the Institute of Architectural Theory, Art History and Cultural Studies of Graz University of Technology. Mostly I’m full of confidence, but sometimes I long for idleness. My research focus is on unintentional aesthetics in "Alltagssiedlungen" of post-war modernism.

How to be modern today?

Being modern today implies finding answers to the questions: aren’t we actually hidebound, nostalgic, backward-looking by liking modernism (or what we think modernism is)? Questions about modernism can only be answered retrospectively while being modern means trying to look what’s ahead. Are we really modern if we espouse modernism? Or is being modern an obsolete attribute – until there will be a new word for "modern". Being topical while being retrogressive - that's how to be modern today.

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