June 16 2017

How to be modern today? Thinking future beyond post-everything

Where’s „ahead of the curve“ located? Hasn’t being modern gone out of fashion? What could modern life mean at all in post-everything-times? Is there any chance to „create something new“? Or is – as simple as that – modernity our antiquarity?

The Digital Bauhaus Summit 2017 takes up these and many more thoughts. „How to be modern today?“ is the leading question the fourth conference in Weimar will pursue – but at least it should provide space to delve deeper into discussions about Zeitgeist, Normcore, innovations and the transformation of worn-out avantgarde attitudes. High-profile thinkers and experts from several social, cultural as well as technical fields such as Barbara Vinken, Katharina Meyer, Philipp Blom, Raul Zelik, Eckhart Nickel, Emily Segal, Katja Kullmann and many more will investigate past, present and future modes of being modern.

Of course, we have to talk! About the status quo – in Track 1 Stephan Porombka, Melanie Bühler and Timotheus Vermeulen will argue about the question „Where are we now?”  – and possible future modes of eating, thinking, working, smelling discussed in Track 2 (What will be contemporary?) by several experts in the fields of perfume, psychedelic substances and fashion. But there’s also a need for participation. For this reason Digital Bauhaus Summit presents an inclusive Track 3 for experiments running without designated speakers but with fellow participants as well as a range of ongoing activities: Stephan Porombka for example will set up a mobile photo studio to take pictures of participants for his project „People of the 21st Century“ who are also invited to add their Senf to the question „What could be next or even new?“

Last but not least, the first of two productive days include the cooperative roundtable taz.meinland. As well as an evening walk with several stops from Gelmeroda to Weimar concluded by a strange look at Thuringia by sociologist, political activist and passionate storyteller Jutta Ditfurth – because using your brain and imagination to transfer history into a worthy tomorrow will never run out of fashion.

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Photo: Thomas Müller
Photo: Thomas Müller

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