June 30 2017

Thanks folks!

A big thanks to everyone on the team for your contribution in making Digital Bauhaus Summit 2017 such a great experience!


Philipp Albers (Concept, Curation)
Jennifer Beck (Online-Editor, Documentation)
Wolf Bittner (Coding)
Claudia Brückner (Curation)
David Chazarenc (Organization, Evening Program)
Lisa Dreier (Organization)
Fabian Ebeling (Online-Editor, Documentation)
Christoph Eder (Video Documentation)
Holm Friebe (Concept, Curation)
Jule Hass (Concept, Public Affairs)
Thomas Müller (Photography)
Lukas Balthasar Pank (Engineering)
Mads Pankow (Concept, Organization)
Cornelius Reiber (Translation)
Marvin Renfordt (Organization)
Christian Scheibe (Light, Evening Program)
Johannes Spitzer (Graphic Design)
Anne Waak (Curation)

Helping Hands:
Dilan Altun, Martin Baaske, Natalia Martínez Bermúdez, Johanna Dreyer, Lina Gräf, Nora Keilig, Rosina Korschildgen, Hannah Lotz, Lisa-Marie Lotz, Michael Mann, Friederike Schneider, Claudia Sichting, Adrian Tutal, Max Weidenbach, Clement Welsch, Thomas Weyres

Digital Bauhaus Summit is funded by the Thuringian State Ministry of Economy, Science and the Digital Society. We especially thank State Secretary Georg Maier for his support and for joining the discussion.

Digital Bauhaus Summit is under the patronage of the German Commission for UNESCO.

We thank our media and institutional partners for inspiring discussions and kind support:

Jan Feddersen, Editor and Initiator of taz.meinland
Boris Schade-Bünsow, Editor-in-chief of Bauwelt
Jenny Friedrich-Freksa, Editor-in-chief of Kulturaustausch
ZKM | Center for Art and Media, Karlsruhe
Bauhaus-Universität, Weimar

Under the patronage of

Deutsche UNESCO Kommission

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Media and event partners