June 4 2016

Vinay Gupta: “Luxury Communism on a dollar a day”

On the second day of Bauhaus Summit, taking place in the National Theatre of Weimar, renowned thinker Vinay Gupta presented an Integrated Needs Analysis about poverty development and environmental crisis. Gupta has new trust in technologies like Blockchain. In his opinion, blockchains can enable mass collaboration and can bring transformative technologies to the villages of developing countries. It can change healthcare, education, farming and engineering in those countries and really bring an effort in the fair distribution of resources.

Gupta spoke mainly about the possibilities of Blockchain in the near future as an economy concept. “With blockchain, the fight about resources between 1 Billion rich and 5 billion “poor” people will change”, he claims. He talked about a new generation of activism: “The real activism today is going through the technologies”, Gupta said.

Vinay Gupta, Photo: Thomas Mueller
Vinay Gupta, Photo: Thomas Mueller

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