Dorota Maria Baraniecka

I am an architect working for the biggest real estate company in Berlin - Ziegert Bank und Immobilien GmbH , that grows up and develops very quickly. We established recently a new Product Design team (it consists of several architects) that works on bringing new product (an interesting housing / coliving / coworking architectural project) to berlin housing market. It is a part of the project development team that tries to deal with new challenges in the architectural / property market in Germany - with a focus on Berlin) We try to experiment with and change housing concepts and adjust them to the new needs of a modern, digital startup society. Our company also established several startups and apps that aim to make it much easier for people to find an apartment to rent / buy or to customize existing new housing apartments to their needs and also provides interior services. Of course I can speak English and German fluently.

What cannot be learned?
It cannot be learned, what haven’t been tried / tested / invented yet. Learning processes base on experience and studies and also involve taking risks and adapting new ideas to our reality.

What can people learn from you?
I have a network of colleagues and friends with various experiences in so-called digital / modern companies and startups (working for example with smart city concepts / BIM themathics / network/ transportation solutions / data exchange) and would like to exchange / discuss and share some of them. I have a several experiences myself and I think this summit would be a great opportunity to share them.

What do you want to unlearn?
I would to unlearn “oldschool” ways of working and old companies structures that prevent us from taking obvious advantages of the digitalization processes.

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