Evgeni Kouris

I am a humanity-driven entrepreneur, technology expert and optimistic advisor! 
Bio: With over a decade of experience as a successful entrepreneur, technology expert and strategic consultant, Evgeni works at the intersection of strategy, innovation and culture. His focus is grounded in two different careers. First, as a strategic consultant & technology expert at Boston Consulting Group (BCG) Evgeni ran large digital transformations and innovation programs in banking, retail and telecommunications, helping to establish the digital core group and design & engineering service programs at BCG. Second, Evgeni's passion for culture was fueled by his experience, as musician at Timid Tiger, a critically acclaimed band that releasing 3 albums via Sony Columbia and Warner/Chappell and touring for over 10 years across Europe. Now, based in Berlin (and fluent in English, German and Russian) Evgeni focuses on advising and impact-focused communities and ventures in the areas of personal development, gamification, marketing, community design and AR/VR.

What cannot be learned?
Experience - everything might be learned (depending on what you mean with this word), but some things need to be experienced to achieve this.

What can people learn from you?
"Social art" - how to apply art principles in personal development and transfer the artistic process into work practice, leadership and organizational design.

What do you want to unlearn?
Everything (and nothing) - I would love to see the world through the eyes of a child every single day.

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