Jeffrey Kirkwood

I'm an art history professor and critic. My writing has appeared in October, Grey Room, Texte zur Kunst, Zeitschrift für Medien- und Kulturforschung, Jacobin, and OSMOS. I'm also the co-editor of the recent translation of Ernst Kapp's Elements of a Philosophy of Technology

What cannot be learned?
I think the question of what learning is can't ever be properly resolved. The frequent attention to "machine learning" often appears to imply that classifiers and training sets are built to replicate human decision and prediction. But the German pedagogues of the 18th century didn't know what learning was and neither will we (probably).

What can people learn from you?
How to convincingly fail a Turing test.

What do you want to unlearn?
To refer to THE Algorithm as if it were some singular occult being.

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