Jörn Schultz

I am a freelance consultant on learning and collaboration technologies, based in Berlin. I am also co-founder of icebauhaus e.V., a small German association dedicated to exploring new approaches to development cooperation and international collaboration around the area of community-driven social and technological innovation. I have a background in psychology, eLearning and web-usability but am always open to explore new topics and contexts.

What cannot be learned?
charisma, humour & anything beyond the limits of human cognition & physicality? 
but probably anything could potentially be learned by / with machines.

What can people learn from you?
Things related to bottom-up innovation and collaboration in international development cooperation. eLearning, usability, methods of evaluation. Speaking Swedish

What do you want to unlearn?
some of my occurring tendencies of avoidance, cynicism and impatience. Any negative attitudes and behaviour that restrict opportunities and risk-taking.

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