Lotte Damsgaard Nissen

I am a student in the master’s degree programme in Information Technology and Interaction Design at the University of Southern Denmark, and I am currently preparing my thesis on different aspects in communicating with chatbots, algorithms and AI. I have a background in design and I am currently also working with digital innovation in the public health sector. 
My interests are among other things critical design, interaction design, design aesthetics and user studies.
I am deeply devoted to the Bauhaus school, and would love for a Manifesto for a Digital Bauhaus to be realized in the future. I believe that uniting the hard (technology and natural sciences) with the soft (values, democracy, art and ethics) is the key to the future of technology.

What cannot be learned?
Everything can be learned, it is just the matter of the way it is acquired. 
Machines can learn everything except emotions. Emotions, empathy, creativity and ideas and the (many other) complex things that machines cannot learn, will be some of the most important skills to possess in the future.

What can people learn from you?
Why emotional intelligence is so important when designing products, why critical design and design aesthetics are important for the perception of usability and user experience, rather than just the visual aspects of the design.

What do you want to unlearn?
Unlearning is about challenging the established, and questioning the accepted.
It’s not about ignoring what you already know, but it’s about being brave enough to question it and break down old rules so we can write new ones. It’s about looking at things in the context of today, and tomorrow.
I would like to unlearn the linear way of living and learning, as I believe that collaboration and social interactivity will be the centre of any experience in the future.

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