Nicolas Carosio

What I do: My name is Nicolas I am from Argentina and I am in Berlin since 7 years. I dedicate my work time to Computer Vision, and web development. I also dedicate time to learn by my self Color Theory, geometry and the spirit of numbers.
I practice Ashtanga yoga and meditate almost daily basis. I am married and have one three years old daughter.  
Since two years I created and I still moderate a group called: "The spiritual in Art", where we meet read the book of Kandinsky as a starting point and then each bring their own experience to different games and workshops related. 
I am also part of the Remos project. It aims is to create an open digital communication platform focused on environmental protection and preservation issues, along the coast of the city of Ubatuba (Brasil). 
I read lot books from Stafford Beer, H. Hesse , Euclides, H. Küppers, I. Asimov.
Who I am: I am naturally an spontaneous, sociable and communicative person. I am fanciful, creative, and keep to experiment and always open for something new. I love technology as a tool of helping the universe to become a better place.

What cannot be learned?
Wissen kann man mitteilen, Weisheit aber nicht.

What can people learn from you?
How to fail daily, and not give it up to your dreams. I am a developer and Yoga practices and I confront failure daily and the feeling of never understand or think that I will never get it. But I never give it up to my goals. I am also Color theory independent researcher and I could share my experiences of learning by your own.

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