Raamish Karatela

Student | M.A. Interaction Design at IED Barcelona.
Technical Writer | APPSF/APPNA 
UX Design | Medspa

What cannot be learned?
Material taught in complete German without any supporting outline/programme to follow along on.

What can people learn from you?
Psychoanalytic framework as outlined by jaques lacan. Applied to visual medias.
Framework of the signifier-signified as outlined by sausserre, levi-strauss, and derridan thought. Applied to interaction design /user interface design.
History of Hollywood, post-hollywood, post-colonial, and social documentary and historical materialist analysis of capital involved with these systems.

What do you want to unlearn?
U.S. Journalism/Telecom/News practices.
U.S. UX/UI Design practices (2015-now).
The idea of material and immaterial space as two rigidly saparste realms.

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