Till Hasbach

I am Till, 29 working for the Berlin u-institute as a cross innovation strategist. Besides I develop board games for innovation practises and organisational development – www.theinnovationgame.de – I am into all kinds of interactive design: Games, puzzles multi-sensual installations, since it opens itself up to inscribing oneself into the design, which is essential to an intense & immersive experience. 
Besides I love playing chess, ping pong, indi computer-games and drinking green tea to rest at the end of a long day.

What cannot be learned?

What can people learn from you?
How to creatively copy, imitate & use mimesis like a true Chinese entrepreneur.  
Imitation is the ultimate technique to quickly level up the playing field. Copying others without remorse is essential especially to Westeners, who still claim that individualism is the key to novelty. What follows are self regulatory evolutionary algorithm-practices just like: Copy – Copy – Copy – Mutate – Select – Improve – Copy – Copy… ∞.

What do you want to unlearn?
Music sometimes. Too much knowledge of time signatures makes my dancing stiff and unnatural, wanting to fit my dance moves exactly onto the beats instead of just "feeling the music".

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