Yun Kuo

design + engineering: I am currently student of visual communication at Bauhaus University, focusing on graphic design and interface design. But I also has mechanical engineering as my another background. So, a part of me is good at visual and the other part is good at logical thinking. I try to find a way to work together with both.

What cannot be learned?
The way the machine recognize and predict datas is thing that can not be learned by human beings so far. But how human beings classify and organize data might be things that machine still not be able to learn. In other word, we will never learn how to detect datas but fortunately we still have the skills to design.

What can people learn from you?
Graphic, Internet, Cross-Culture: People can learn from me how to compose/decompose color, shape and form but also how to build up a website and what can we combine logic, usage and visual together. Besides, being as a Taiwanese who have live abroad a while, my cross-culture background is also something I can share.

What do you want to unlearn?
I would like to unlearn the concept of assurances. 
I recognize that I am sometimes too pragmatism, that I consider the technology and possibility first so that sometime miss crazy but maybe workable ideas. Thus, the concept of assurance is thing that I should unlearn, in order to embrace uncertainty, because what comes next to the current is always the future that is composed of uncertainty.

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