Andreas Krüger

Andreas Krüger studied Urban Planning & Communication Studies in Berkeley and Berlin. Before that he completed an apprenticeship in carpentry and worked in boatbuilding and architectural modelmaking. Together with the team of his consulting company Belius he works on the development of urban districts. One example is the Moritzplatz quarter in Berlin. His focus is on ‘strong places’, which put people and their activities front and center, allow to experience creativity and are suitable for daily use. The lively city, to put it simply.
Photo by Daniela Haug

"Get out Your Notebooks, Class Test!" (Helge Schneider) – No! Rather, We Ask: Is Non-Learning Possible? An Exploration into the Unknown

Track 1: Learning Practices
Date: Day 1 – 16:00
Location: Neufert-Mansion, Gelmeroda
Language: German + English

In our society, learning itself is elevated to an ideal in a quasi-dogmatic way. Can there be, besides the practices of institutional or autodidactic learning, the avoidance or even exclusion from the eternal compulsion to learn? To find out, we will leave the classical teaching and learning spaces for lectures, workshops or plenary sessions behind and ignore the didactic framing of information transfer, task definition and control as well. And we leave the (unwilling to learn?!) individuals following this invitation completely to themselves and the artistic process in nature.

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