Leonhard Horowski

Leonhard Horowski, born in 1972, studied History, English and Political Science at the Free University of Berlin and the University of Durham. After earning his doctorate with a thesis on the court of Versailles, he is currently completing his habilitation on Brandenburg-Prussian state ministers. In addition to teaching at the university, he worked in diplomatic training and as a historical consultant for documentary series, including "Mätressen. The Secret Power of Women" (2005) and "The Germans" (2010).
Photo by Thorsten Wulff

Learning from History and Youtube

Evening Program
Date: Day 1 – 20:00
Location: Nivre Studio, Weimar
Language: German

What was learning like in other centuries? What did young princes have to learn as compared to the children of ambitious commoners? And why do some of our peers practice historical martial arts, when they totally don’t need it? To put it right on Youtube? And what can we learn from all that learning?

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