Vera Bühlmann

Vera Bühlmann, b. 1974 in Switzerland, studied English Literature and Language, Philosophy and Media Studies at Zurich University and Basel University. She is professor for architecture theory at TU Vienna, where she directs the research group Architecture Theory and Philosophy of Technics (ATTP). Together with Ludger Hovestadt she co-directs the laboratory for applied virtuality at D-Arch, chair for CAAD, at ETH Zurich.
Among her publications are Information and Mathematics in the Philosophy of Michel Serres (Bloomsbury, London 2019 (forthcoming), Die Nachricht, ein Medium: Städtische Architektonik, Generische Medialität (Birkhäuser 2014), A Quantum City, Mastering the Generic (Birkhäuser, Basel 2015), A Genius Planet (Birkhäuser, Basel 2017), Coding as Literacy (Birkhäuser, Basel 2016), Sheaves. When Things are Whatever Can be the Case (Birkhäuser, Basel 2013), Printed Physics (2012).
Photo by Luiza Puiu

The Very Many and the Big Plenty: Meteora und Architektur

Track 2: Learning Machines
Date: Day 1 – 16:00
Location: Neufert-Mansion, Gelmeroda
Language: German

Can the numerable be intensified? Can the great plenty be measured? Can a quantity be more-than-enough? Can a use be ‚fulfilled‘? Either-or or more-or-less, and how exactly? Easily? Promptly? ‘Smart’? Expendingly? Generously? Delicately? Mindlessly? Algorithms and data return us to an understanding of technology, design and instruments that was self-evident for classical rhetoric in ancient times: Copia in Latin means ‘plenty’ or ‘abundance’. Only, how can something that is not clearly conceived and restricted be ‘copied‘? And what does that mean for the relationship of automatism and learning, how do form and internalization interact here as a ‘skill’? These questions always stood at the center of the architectural design.

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