Vera Sacchetti

Vera Sacchetti (Lisbon, 1983) is a Basel-based design critic and curator, co-curator of TEOK Basel, and co-founder of the editorial consultancy Superscript. She serves in a variety of curatorial, research and editorial roles, most recently as one-half of the curatorial initiative Foreign Legion. She was associate curator of the 4th Istanbul Design Biennial, A School of Schools, and curatorial advisor for the BIO 50 Biennial of Design in Ljubljana, Slovenia. With Superscript, she headed the “Towards a New Avant-Garde” event series at the 2014 Venice Architecture Biennale. She has recently edited Design as a Tool for Transition: The Atelier Luma Approach; and Design As Learning: A School of Schools Reader. Her writing has appeared in Disegno, Metropolis, and The Avery Review, among others.
Photo by Nici Jost

A School of Schools: Design As Learning

Track 1: Learning Practices
Date: Day 1 – 12:30
Location: Neufert-Mansion, Gelmeroda
Language: English

Why do design? What is design for? These are forward-looking questions for a creative discipline that seems more slippery to define than ever. In a world of dwindling natural resources, exhausted social and political systems, and an overload of information there are many urgent reasons to reimagine the design discipline, and there is a growing need to look at design education. Learning and unlearning should become part of an ongoing educational practice. We need new proposals for how to organise society, how to structure our governments, how to live with, not against, the planet, how to sift fact from fiction, how to relate to each other, and frankly, how to simply survive. Elaborating on a series of examples of work and programming developed for the 4th Istanbul Design Biennial, A School of Schools, as well as lessons learned during the making of the event, this talk asks: can design and design education provide these critical ideas and strategies?

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