June 12 2018

Thank you very much!

A big thank you to all the speakers and participants and the excellent team behind the scenes, which made the Digital Bauhaus Summit 2018 an exciting and inspiring experience.

See you again for the 100th anniversary of Bauhaus 2019!

Philipp Albers (concept, moderation)
Jakob Adler (event technology)
Jule Hass (concept, moderation, public affairs)
Mads Pankow (organisation management)
Cornelius Reiber (concept, moderation)
Arleta Gebicki (graphic design)
Thomas Müller (photography)
Lukas B. Pank (technical director)
Marvin Renfordt (organisation, public affairs)
Neue Rituale (coding)
Nivre Film & Studio (film)
Christian Rothe (portrait photography)
Friederike Schneider (organisation)
Johannes Spitzer (graphic design)
Lukas Ullsperger (graphic design)

Helping Hands:
Michael Mann, Clement Welsch, Antonia Brack, Alejandra Ahrend, Leopold Jaegerhuber, Christina Schinzel, Johanna Kirschbauer, Leon Bleiweiss, Niklas Klein, Claudia Sichting, Johann Wastlhuber, Isabel Jeute, Hannah Hermsmeier

We thank Martin Bauer from lasernlasern.de for providing the name badges and Jule Franke for the production of the plots.

A big thank you goes to the trusting support of the Thuringian Ministry for Economy, Science and Digital Society; the patronage of the German UNESCO-Commission and to our media partners Bauwelt, Kulturaustausch and taz.

Under the patronage of

Deutsche UNESCO Kommission

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