Learning and design are closely interrelated. Since the advent of modernism, teaching design skills has led to the development of very different experimental learning methods. And learning itself is increasingly becoming a design task. 100 years ago, the Bauhaus, too, not only proposed a visionary aesthetic program, but also revolutionized design education with its innovative pedagogy – from the fundamental study of forms and materials in the legendary Preliminary Course, devised mainly by Johannes Itten and Laszlo Moholy-Nagy, to the communal spirit of collective learning propagated by Walter Gropius, to the practical project work in close cooperation with the industry and using scientific methods that was initiated by Hannes Meyer. What does it mean today to learn design under the rapidly changing conditions of digital technologies and an ever more complex world? And how could and should we redesign learning in and for such a changing world? At the centenary of the Bauhaus DIGITAL BAUHAUS 2019: LEARNING DESIGN explores the manifold concept of learning.

This year's speakers:

Arno Brandlhuber & Olaf Grawert 

Claudia Brückner & Andreas Krüger

Vera Bühlmann

Beatriz Colomina

Christoph Engemann

Leonhard Horowski

Martin Kiel & Stephan Porombka

Sebastian Olma

Philipp Oswalt

Nina PaimCorinne Gisel

Vera Sacchetti

Martin Schmitz

Ulrike Sterblich John Tresch

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