Alexander Suchy

My name is Alexander Suchy and I create stories and visual experiences that are clear and sincere. I’m a freelance designer and creative director and my latest passion is finding the best dramatic structures for true stories and data vizualizations.

What cannot be learned?
Imagine a 75 year old German trying to learn Chinese.
Now imagine a 75 year old German in love with a Chinese, trying to learn Chinese. I think with the right mindset, pretty much everything can be learned.

What can people learn from you?
I give (truth-)storytelling workshops, break down complex things into simple visuals and I make a mean tomato sauce. And a few months back I used dental floss for binding a book because I was too lazy to “wax the thread”, as the youtube tutorial instructed. Worked like a charm.

What do you want to unlearn?
I was raised catholic in rural eastern Germany – so my adult life has always been as much about unlearning as it has been about learning new stuff ;) Right now, I’d like to unlearn throwing stuff away because there’s no such thing as “away”.

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