Irene P Tello

TÓ TELLO (ES/ PH) 1992
I'm a Visual Media Artist. I'm from Spain and the Philippines. I was born and raised in Madrid, then lived in Vienna and Berlin and currently  moved to Porto. I produce video-edits, photography compositions, design pieces and layouts for my own personal projects or for other people interested in my visual aesthetics. I also work with my own pieces in collaboration with sound artists setting the visuals as support for the live shows. 
I'm mostly interested in all the areas of Design and Visual Arts, but to be specific i will set three of them as priority: Installation, Visual Researching, and Video. I like to set different approaches from the Aesthetics perspective and recreate it with uncertain factors, not from the pure approach of functionality but producing a certain thrill - or an unexpected side effect that can easily engage us with an image, object or even a space.
I recently took part in the creation of a clothing label, something that I never expected - to be involved in fashion. I produced the Spot Campaign - Art directing and coordinating the communication with my co-partner. 
I look forward to new exciting upcoming projects, new collaborations and I am very thrilled to send my application for the program wishing to be part of it.
This is some of the links of my latests works produced between 2014-2019 Visual Arts sketches, Mixed Media Design and Video.

What cannot be learned?
We can learn everything with sight and hearing. But I suppose that there are innate factors and features of each human being that can not be learned or even imitated, because nothing exactly exists as the same.

What can people learn from you?
Tacet, Softness and Versatility.

What do you want to unlearn?
Procrastination - If i have ever learned it once.

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