Moisés Horta Valenzuela

I’m an autodidact electronic musician, sound artist and programer from Tijuana, México now based in Berlin. I’m currently creating immersive procedural sound for VR art experiences, live human-computer-non-human generative audiovisual compositions for performance and installations, AI and Machine Learning assisted metamusical instruments. I also facilitate workshops for ML in electronic music in Berlin, where I currently migrated to from México City since 2 years.

What cannot be learned?
Intuition, emotions, the feeling of learning new skills

What can people learn from you?
To always question the established methods and forms from a social, cultural and historical context.
Process over product.
Freeform research and technique experimentations using sound, electronic and digital media.

What do you want to unlearn?
Clichés, stereotypes, my own biases, binary thinking

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